Service of Ordination and Installation

Rev. Dr. Martin Gwent Lewis as Senior Pastor

Chapel on the Hill UCC - December 4, 2016 at 3 PM

2013 - Operation Overboard   -   2014 - God's Big Backyard

2015 - Everest   -   2016 - Norway   -   2017 - Maker Fun Factory


Dallas Buyer's Club

(October 2014)

First Friday Feature Presentation

Free and open to the public in the comfort of our sanctuary, we showed contemporary films with the purpose of making connections between secular media and Christian values. Film goers were offered three questions to consider as they watched and the evening closed with brief discussion.  Samples below for download and review.)

This page displays past events, including: Service of Ordination and Installation December, 2016, First Friday Feature Presentations, Vacation Bible School, Service Projects, Holidays and celebrations, and more.


Additional Images

The images below are throughout our years at Chapel on the Hill, in various celebrations, programs, and events.

Christmas Celebrations and Service Projects

Every year, Chapel on the Hill focuses our Christmas celebrations around a service project. Through the years, these projects include an angel tree for children and adults, food pantries and homeless shelter donations, and more.

Inside Out & Upside Down on Main Street


Vacation Bible School (VBS)

VBS is a specialized form of religious education during the summer, that focuses on children and their developing connection with their faith. We have conducted many forms of VBS for ages Pre-K to 6th grade. Each year, a new theme is selected, including music, scripture and stories, and an opportunity to develop new friendships. Below are a few pictures and videos, showcasing the programs dating back to 2008. 

To download and view the evening's

handout with movie questions and scriptures,

click the word document icon.


(December 2014)


(September 2014)

Mother's Day & Father's Day

The videos below were made to celebrate Mother's and Father's Day. The videos focus on the young members of the church and their understanding of each day. Children give honest answers and share their thanks with their parents and special loved ones.

Chapel on the Hill 50th Anniversary Celebration

Below are some pictures from the 50th celebration and the history of the church thus far.

Galactic Blast


Galactic Blast




Outrigger Island


Maundy Thursday April 2, 2015

These are pictures from our Maundy Thursday celebration. This Tenebrae service of diminishing light focused on interactive stations of the cross: such as movie viewing, interactive labyrinth table, food from the last supper, feet washing and anointing station, prayer crafting, and communion.